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This is a web server on my Linux VM hosted by http://www.bytemark.co.uk/. You might like to take a look at main web page as well.

See if I can geolocate you by your IP address by clicking here.

Apaches docs here

Free Garmin contour maps for Brittany, France are here.

Some real-time temperature readings from a 1-wire bus DS1820 sensors using Django and Python are here.


A Django site.


This is a Django web site I've worked on: EyeSpy247. To quote: EyeSpy247 is a low cost, secure way to watch over your home or business when you're not there. Under your total control via Internet and mobile anytime, anywhere


I'm available for Python, Networking, Unix & C/C++ consulting assignments. See http://www.open-networks.co.uk and my cv for more details.

Freelance Writer

Need a freelance writer, then see http://www.okwrite.co.uk.

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Question, Comments, Suggestions & Bugs to lsmithson@open-networks.co.uk. Or see my Home Page.