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Garmin GPS Contour Map for Brittany, France

Download this zip file for a Garmin GPS contour/topo map of Brittany, France. This can be previewed using Garmin's MapSource program, then downloaded to your Garmin GPSr. The maps are transparent, so if you download them together with a (e.g.,) MetroGuide map, you'll see the contours and roads/towns on the GPSr display at the same time.

Contours are displayed at 10, 50 and 250m intervals. The coverage is from Le Havre in the East to Nantes in the South. This includes all of Brittany and parts of Normandy and Loire.

I've tested this with MapSource version 6.9.1 and a Garmin etrex Legend. The contour maps are generated from NASA SRTM files. They have not been post-processed to remove voids, errors etc. DEM2TOPO and cGPSmapper were used to create the Garmin .img files.

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Download this file (warning - BIG - 12Megs - broadband recommended) and unpack it in a directory. I suggest you create c:\garmin\bretagnectr for this purpose.

To use the contour maps with Garmin, you will have to make some manual additions to the Windows registry.

WARNING - messing with the Windows registry can seriously damage your PC's health.

I take no responsibility for this. If you get it wrong - you're on your own.

If you have unpacked the .img files into the directory c:\garmin\bretagnectr as suggested, simply double click on the c:\garmin\bretagnectr\bretagnectr.reg file to create the registry entry. The install is now finished and you're ready to roll!

If you've installed the .img files elsewhere, you'll have to add entries for loc, tdb and bmap by hand.

The maps are installed with Product Id 135. A cGPSMapper PV file (bretagne_pv.txt) is included if you want to change this.

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